Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome All... my spiffy, little corner of the Web! Since you're here, why not sit down and stay awhile?

As the description states, I am a 20something writer (well, sort of), who dreams of publishing a novel before the year is out- I've already got the book, and the balls; all that's missing is the agent, and the ensuing celebration. :)

My life right now is a little less than glamourous: I work two jobs- one as a prep cook, and the other at a bookstore, which I plan to buy when I'm a famous writer... Until then, however, I need something to pay the bills (the least-fun part of growing up), since I can't exactly write this if I'm homeless and without the Internet.

Anyhow, onto the more-fun part...

THE NOVEL!!!!!!!

My wonderful characters (I'll call them K. and M. for now) have been in the works for seven (yes, 7) years- "K", the female MC, is a quirky and spirited teenager, with a sharp tongue and a bit of a nasty streak, who dreams of becoming a superstar-athlete. Male pro/antagonist "M" is K's musically-talented and romantic, albeit hot-headed, cousin, who comes from a violent background and spends most of his time trying to convince people that he's not emo.

"Really. I'm hardcore."

Way to go, M.


As of now, I've queried (I think) 8 different agents thus far. I'll be posting any rejection/acceptance letters that I receive here, as well as rants about life as a (n aspiring) writer in general. Hopefully, anyone who's ever written a novel (or tried to) will be able to relate- feel free to comment, or to share your own experiences in the comments below!

Wish me luck!

Laura VB.


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