Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Query, Or Not To Query...

... That is the question.

With the lack of responses, it's hard to decide what my next step should be. I've pretty-much decided to stick with exclusive submissions, since they typically garner a faster reply (so I've heard, anyway), but I have no idea how long I should wait before calling a submission "exclusive"- different agencies have different timelines, so I'll probably wait 8 weeks (the max. amount of time it usually takes an agent to respond to a query) before submitting again. Then, I shall call it an exclusive submission, and it shall be mine, and...

Enough with the Finding Nemo references, already.

Right now, I'm frustrated and (as you probably noticed) beginning to despair a little- still, I have more sense than to give up. As C. says, in Chapter Three:

"I know, it sucks. But, just think about it- one day, the whole world will know who we are!"

Way to go, C.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a better tomorrow.

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