Friday, January 7, 2011

The Waiting Game, Part One

Once again, not even spam... I'm starting to think that I should stick to exclusive submissions, from now on, as well as to wonder if these people are even reading my emails.

I realize that agents are busy people- after all, they receive hundreds of queries per day, and might not be able to answer every, single one within the allotted time-frame, but since when is no response the new rejection? Why would they advertise on their websites that, "we reply to every query we receive", if they have no intention of ever replying?

As K once said: "They’d have to be mentally-retarded or something to not accept you.” 

Way to go, K.

This is doing nothing for my nerves.

1 comment:

  1. NO doubt that it isn't. As a race I find humanity interesting because often what we love to do and excel at isn't what we are able to do because we haven't got the right piece of paper stamped from this person, or we haven't dumped 100k of debt into schooling for that. Writing I find is exceptionally hard because in a day and age where text is so prevalent, and so plentiful that people feel that one persons writing is as good as another.

    Rest assured that there are some of us who pick our reading material like a wine list do be taken in an savored, rather then chugged like stale beer.