Friday, January 21, 2011

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now...

...But, despite what the title of Andre Jordan's biography (and this post) suggests, I am not miserable at all. That's just the name of the book that I picked up at Chapters today, and it is rip-roaringly funny- this guy is a genius, and I love his funny little drawings.

Got my first formal rejection today- it reads:

"Thank you for allowing us to consider your work. Regretfully, this is just not right for us, and we wish you all the best in your literary endeavours (sorry, endeavors- the agency in question is American)."

Short. Sweet. Generic.
Chalk one up for the Wall of Rejection.

Still, rather than letting my inner M. (read: emo prodigy and super-sensitive literary genius) loose on the world, I'll let K's awesomeness take over- she would never let something so simple as this get her down, and that's why all of my future readers (except the emo-y ones) will like her better.

In all, can't really complain- as far as rejections go, suspense writer Jack King says that the average writer sees at least 12 of them, before getting accepted. So, not to despair just yet- rejection, at least, is a form of acknowledgment; someone must be paying attention. :)


Acceptances: 0
Rejections: 1
Manuscript Requests: 0

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