Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To Write Love On Her Arms: Do The "Write" Thing.

As a writer, it's important to be passionate about things- and people. With our words, we can make a difference in many lives, and we don't need some fancy degree that, in all likelihood, will sit around and collect dust for years on end, in order to do so.

One such cause is the post-title. Having created M, a character who, like many people that I know and love in the real world, openly struggles with SI and suicidal thoughts has really opened my eyes to the issues faced by both people like him and their loved ones. As someone on Allpoetry once told me, in response to a poem I wrote: "You have an understanding of [self-injury] that I didn't know someone who's never cut herself could have".

In all honesty, my experience with SI came when Sarah*, a good friend of mine at the time, called me one night and said, "I need you to come over, right now". I was both awed and repulsed by both the physical (blood, the deep cuts on her arms) and the metaphysical (her motives and emotions) aspects of that whole night and, at first, I really didn't understand why anyone would want to do such a thing. Now, I feel as though I "get it", even if only a little.

It's an issue that I feel strongly about, hence my decision to join the TWLOHA street-team; signing up is free, and it's in support of a cause that is very close to my heart. To answer the call, click here.

Remember, there is ALWAYS hope. If you (or someone you love) ever feel like hurting yourself, it's important to realize that it's NOT your fault- everyone makes mistakes, and feeling this way does NOT make you a bad person. If this post stops even one boy or girl from going down that path, then my job here is already done.

Stay safe,

*names have been changed.



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