Sunday, June 12, 2011

Immo vs. Emo: The AP Upgrade.

Holy lack of postage!

I'm almost sad to see May go... After all of the epic adventures I had that month- Fryefest, Donna Morrissey, Trimedia N.B, Youtube fun- it's going to be a tough act to follow! I can't believe it's gone already!

To add to this ever-growing frustration is the AP upgrade- since I'm not posting there (I can't- I'm staff, and don't have the same rights to free speech as everyone else), I shall let it be known that:


That site has been my home away from home (away from home) for the last five years, and I'm seriously thinking about leaving. I've cancelled my gold-membership, given up on posting anything, and just can't find the energy to do my job properly. Were I not so emotionally-invested in the place, I'd have already left- I've opened accounts on other sites, including Deep Underground Poetry and (they have agent listings there, too).  I've also discovered the AAR Database, which is a great tool for writers- even if I'm not writing at the moment, I can still attempt to market the damn thing.

Onward & upward, I suppose.

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