Thursday, July 14, 2011

Support The Arts: Buy This Book, Like, Naaaaaow!

No, not the novel... That's still a (disappointingly-stagnant) work in progress; the summer hasn't been very kind to my muse, or conducive to adventures of aspiring writerdom. In fact, I was dying to go to Sheree Fitch's workshop in Fredericton last week, but it wasn't to be- I had to be at work, to find out whether or not I would have a job, come this week. Oh, the perils of contract work... If this book ever gets off the ground, I'll pay someone to do my thinking for me; until then, I'll do my time, just like everyone else.

Anyhow, the good news:

My amazingly-talented Auntie Barb recently published a book of poetry, via, called Blind Thoughts; not to be left out, Yours Truly attempted a similar project. The words & photographs are all my own work, so I'm very excited to put it out there. Since the preview-widget link won't work here (though it's supposed to), you can preview the end-result & purchase here instead.

So, yes... Buy this book, & win a lifetime of hugs & cookies. Come on... graveyards, poetry, the beautiful dark... what's not to love? My wallet and I thank you in advance. :)

With love/avec amour/con amore/s laskou,

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