Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Because Reality Sucks Harder Than Fiction.


A lovely, snowy night here in Moncton... so magical, and as sparkly as that pansy vamp Cullen's backside out there! Feel free to poke out my eyes, for making a Twi-hard reference at 5 am, but to my credit, it's 5 am...

Great news: the spring issue of ArtsEast will be out shortly! I'll post a link to my book-review when the issue is released online.

Good news: Not-So-Novelist has a desk job again- great, since all aspirinng writers should have one of these. Unfortunately, it also means that I'll have to delay putting a down-payment on my island villa in the Bahamas. Darn, and double darn.

Bad news: Deborah Carr's 4-week-long creative nonfiction seminar has ended. I've never considered writing a memoir before now, but I sort of like the one I started writing in her class... I could be onto something here!

However, something's been on my mind recently... therefore, I leave you with this crappy drawing (click the picture to see a larger version):

Signing off,
El Veeb

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