Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm Still Alive!

Kinda, sorta... Not really.

Between being sick, working, and prepping for the hospital presentation, I've definitely not been around much. Started a new job just before the Thanksgiving weekend- I'm now slogging it out at a warehouse 50+ hours a week, so I finally understand how it feels to live in constant pain. Fortunately, it does not involve office politics or dronery- I'd rather work myself to death than be bored to it.

Nonetheless, I would have completely forgotten about this blog, had it not been for a chance meeting with Lee Thompson, head of the WFNB, at the grocery-store this past weekend. He is, by the way, a wonderful writer- at the Find Yourself in Fiction workshop on the 1st, we had the privilege of hearing several excerpts from his novel in progress, and learned from him how not to be pasta. Yes, it's delicious, but boring without the sauce, and other accoutrements- a theory that Lee taught us to apply to our writing... No wonder I didn't see any ramen in his shopping-basket.

The most-interesting part of the workshop, though, was that we were able to get our hands dirty. Lee had brought in a rejected submission from The Galleon (his former literary journal), and let us dissect it- at first glance, the writing wasn't terrible; but, as we stripped it to the bare bones, I was able to understand why it had been relegated to the slush-pile.


Sadly, I am still without a real 'pooter. This one is on its last legs, though I'll (hopefully) be able to replace it before the start of NaNoWriMo- their site has been updated, so head on over to check out the new layout. I must get back to noveling, but will be back soon... that is, if the job doesn't kill me first.

El Veeb.

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