Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Humour For Writers/Save P & E!


Today is August 24th- female protag K's birthday (were the novel in real-time, she'd be 24 on the 24th)! Therefore, I shall commemorate the occasion by sharing these websites for writers; they're scathingly-funny, and let's just say that, after reading the posts there, you'll be glad that those queries weren't yours. Or, if they are yours, then I can't help you.

Miss Snark (inactive since 2007, but still worth reading)

Also, just found out that Preditors & Editors is being sued for trying to protect us writerly folk against vanity presses, scammers and so-called "agents". They are currently accepting donations to mount a legal defense- visit their website to save writers everywhere from scamnation.

Onward, upward, & Edward (my uncle, not Cullen)!

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