Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On Slovakia, Lesbians, and Words That Rhyme With Orange.

 Finally, after close to 3 days of staring at my computer, I managed to write two whole sentences. Getting this far has been a stretch of late, so I'm proud of myself- two sentences may not seem like much to most people, but it just so happens that every single, itty-bitty one counts, when you are a writer.

In truth, I owe those two sentences to the wonderful music I've been listening to lately. Learning the language helps, but speaking Slovak to yourself (with an Italian accent, no less) doesn't help much, especially if the first words you learned in it were "pork" (bravčové), "ugly"(škaredý/a), "secret" (tajný/a), "tomato" (paradajka), and a few obscenities. That said, playing with Audacity (my voice-changer toy) and the sound-recorder also works wonders- it gives my characters a voice, and it's easier to be 'in the moment' with them that way.

On a brighter note, I've recently discovered (thanks to Horkýže Slíže and their wonderful L.A.G. song) that Slovak has a lot of great words that rhyme with "lesbian" (that must mean that there's a word out there, other than door-hinge, that rhymes with orange, right?).  Unlike most of the English-speaking world, I also know that Slovakia's 2010 Eurovision song is called Horehronie and, as M. says, has nothing to do with prostitutes.

Aiming for two more sentences before the night is out!

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