Saturday, February 12, 2011

Silly Writer- Hope Is For People With Realistic Goals.

Somewhere inside, my inner M. is sobbing openly.

I'm trying to be realistic about this. Rejection is a fact of life and, although I'm okay with them, I'm also counting down Jack King's projected twelve- that means there's a 'yes' out there somewhere, with my name on it, right? Of course, if I never hear back from anyone (or if it takes an annoyingly-long time for that agent to respond), how am I ever supposed to know whether it's the idea itself that sucks, or maybe something else?

My theory- it's the query.

Admittedly, I learned how to write one from a sample that I found on a published writer's website; I then filled in the blanks, and used her example as a template, which I'm beginning to think was a bad idea.  I recently read that agents want your query to show off your personality, as well as that of your novel- upon rereading my own, of course,  I have discovered the missing ingredient: ME!

This letter needs more ME! There's not enough of ME (or K, or M, or anyone else) in it- of course, that doesn't mean that I'm going to write them a note in my own blood, threatening to kill myself if they don't accept the book, or attempt to bribe them with cake and fluffy bunnies. It simply means that I'll change things around a bit, so that the proposal better reflects ME and sounds less like a template- I'm an Aquarius, and everyone knows that we Aquariuses love templates, just as much as we love surprise root-canals and the occasional UTI. You get the picture.

Sorry, K- no cake or fluffy bunnies for you, today.

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  1. I'm currently writing a book and plan to do National Novel Writing Month with my friend Bryan as well. I really hope you find a publisher.